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[2017年] “清音铸云山”何微水墨作品展近日将与香港开幕


  ‘The Magic Mountain’

  A collection of ink and colour works by He Wei



  一画廊 香港中环荷李活道一号 华懋荷里活中心G层5号铺

Opening Reception:
  6:00PM – 8:00PM Thursday,22nd June 2017

Exhibition Date:
  22nd June – 9th July,2017

Exhibition Venue:
  Yan Gallery,Shop 5,G/F,Chinachem Hollywood Centre,1 Hollywood Road,Central,HK
云心 45×48.5cm 纸本水墨 2017 Mountain in Clouds,Lost in Mist and Cloud in Twilights,Water-ink on rice paper
酔卧烟霞 138×34cm 纸本水墨 2017 Lost in Mist and Cloud in Twilights,Water-ink on rice paper
烟云上下70×28cm 纸本水墨 2017 Clouds Around Us,Lost in Mist and Cloud in Twilights,Water-ink on rice paper
皇帝岛印象45×48.5cm 纸本水墨 2017 Impression of Emperor Island,Water-ink on rice paper
  Yan Gallery is excited to announce its forthcoming exhibition,entitled‘The Magic Mountain’,a collection of around 30 delicate ink paintings by the Chinese artist He Wei。
  He Wei was born in Hengyang,Hunan Province。His home is very near the famous Hengshan Mountain and this collection of works is deeply influenced by this association。In Chinese ink,and sparing use of colour,He Wei evocatively conveys the swirling mist and cloud enshrined mountains that represent the artist’s hometown。His works are soothing to look at – great expanses of white represent the lofty clouds,while his expressive brushwork adeptly captures the jagged crags and yawning precipices of this spectacular mountain range。He Wei depicts the scenes from different angles,as if he were a bird flying amidst the mountain peaks。A feeling of awe and wonder at the beauty and magnitude of these mountains is perfectly conveyed in his paintings。He often adds small buildings or people to his works,adding a splash of colour,to give the eye a focal point。A temple roof or a mountain path adds interest and complexity to his compositions。
武夷云山(一)39×39cm 纸本水墨 2016 Wuyi Mount-1,Water-ink on rice paper
  He Wei has received rigorous training in traditional Chinese painting。While copying the works of the famous Qing Dynasty artist Shi Tao,his works were so exceptional that they were indistinguishable from the great Master’s。However,this collection of paintings is very much his own work and distinctive in style。The gentle greyish tones of the ink give his works a very light,contemporary feel and they are not remotely burdened by tradition。
武夷云山(二)39×39cm 纸本水墨 2016 Wuyi Mount-2,Water-ink on rice paper
大红袍(二)70×36cm 纸本水墨 2016 Dahongpao-2,Water-ink on rice paper
  Yi Gallery’s owner is Fang Yuren,(the Hong Kong artist)Fang Lishen’s father and(the deceased art master)Wu Guanzhong’s friend,who has been engaged in the gallery business for more than 30 years and witnessed the Hong Kong’s transformation from the cultural desert to the third largest art trading center in the world。And we expect to see what excellence will bring to us by cooperation of Yi Gallery and He Wei。
喊山台 70×23cm 纸本水墨 2016 Hanshan Platform,Water-ink on rice paper
  The artist will be present at the opening and a catalogue of his works will be published。

★ 人物介绍

  2013年本科毕业于中国人民大学艺术学院 中国书画专业 获文学学士学位
  2016年考入中国艺术研究院 攻读硕士学位 师从方向先生
  现为李可染画院青年画院画家 北京大学艺术学院方向导师工作室导师助理

He Wei
  born in Hengyang,Hunan
  Graduated from Arts School of Renmin University of China,majoring in Chinese painting and Calligraphy with Bachelor of Art Degree。
  Admitted to Chinese National Academy of Arts as graduate student mentored by Fang Xiang Professor for master degree
  Present Artist at Youth Branch of Li Keran Painting and Calligraphy Academy
  Assistant to mentor(Fang Xiang)at Fang Xiang Art Studio of Peking UniversitSchool of Arts
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